PADI Tec Deep Instructor Course

PADI Equipment Specialist Course

Have you tried diving underwater and a minor problem happens with your equipment but you do not know what to do? Are you unsure of the proper way of cleaning and maintaining your scuba gear? Then the PADI Equipment Specialist Course is fit for you. The Equipment Specialist Course will train you how to handle […]

PADI Underwater Navigator Course

PADI Underwater Navigator Course

Have you tried getting lost on your way back to your boat?  Do you want to discover more of what lies underwater, but you do not possess enough underwater navigation and observation skills?  The PADI Underwater Navigator Course helps develop and enhance your direction-finding skills underwater.  It will train you to use your underwater navigation […]

PADI Public Safety Diver Course

PADI Enriched Air Diver Course

PADI Enriched Air Diver Course is regarded as the most popular PADI course.  Otherwise called Nitrox Diving, the PADI enriched air course trains you to dive with enriched air called nitrox.  Nitrox has more oxygen and lesser nitrogen content than the standard scuba tank.  This means that you can stay longer underwater and will have […]

PADI Tec Deep Instructor Course

PADI Search and Recovery Diver Course

PADI Search and Recovery Diver Course teaches you the ways to effectively and efficiently search and recover objects that have fallen from boats, docks, and while scuba diving. When you go fishing, boating, scuba diving, and do other water activities, things could accidentally fall over board.  If you do not know the techniques in looking […]

PADI Tec Deep Instructor Course

PADI Wreck Diver Course

The PADI Wreck Diver Course trains you to safely and responsibly explore different types of wrecks. Wreck diving is one of the most fascinating adventures of diving.  You can explore different types of wrecks, such as sunken ships, airplanes, and even automobiles.  Some wrecks are purposely sunk to serve as artificial reefs, while others are […]

PADI Tec Deep Instructor Course

PADI Adaptive Support Diver Course

Taking the PADI Adaptive Support Diver Course will teach you the techniques in diving with a disabled buddy for a safe and enjoyable experience. Learn more.

Harrys Cup

Harrys Cup in Pura Vida – March 2018

We were honoured to have hosted the Harry’s cup photo competition here at Sea Explorers Dauin. Around 27 photographers and videographers joined. Dive with a smile!

PH Travel Group

PH Travel Group from Sweden Visit Pura Vida – February 2018

PH Travel group from Sweden and Norway after a great week of muck diving in Dauin. Special thanks to Per Lagerberg. Dive with a smile!

Pelle and Group

Pelle and Group from Sweden Visit Alona – March 2018

Swedish group led by Pelle visiting us in Alona Beach. Thank you very much for your visit! Dive with a smile!

Kammermann Safari

Kammermann Safari from Tauchsport Kaeser – April 2018

Another awesome safari from Tauchsport Kaeser. This one was led by Viktor Kammerman. The group of 9 divers started off in Cabilao. Thank you for the visit! Dive with a smile!