Cabilao is a chill out place off the typical tourist destinations of the Philippines, with amazing dive sites around Cabilao island.

The perfect place to slow things down combined with world class diving. Pygmy seahorses, critters as well as hard and soft corals of various species have made that island a must-see, especially for scuba divers. At present, there are two marine protected areas (no-take zones) around the island.

The only motorized transport you can find are a few tricycles and a couple of motorcycles, who also serve as so-called ‘habal-habal’, they will bring you around for a small fee. However, most of the distances on Cabilao island are quite short, you can easily walk them. The lack of roads also means that everything on the island has to be brought in by banka (local outrigger boat): building materials, wood, food (except fish caught locally), and, during periods of drought, fresh water for drinking and bathing.