Island Hopping

  • Having a hard time choosing the destination for your dive vacation in the Philippines?
  • Getting crazy about contacting several resorts, dive centers to combine your next trip?
  • Worried about how to transfer from one destination to another?


Sunset in Malapascua

Sea Explorers Cebu Office – Island Hopping

Let our multilingual Cebu Booking Office arrange it all for you.We are glad to take care of you from the moment you get off at the Cebu Airport until you will board the plane again.

Island Hopping at Cabilao Beach Club
Enjoy 4 destinations with 5 Sea Explorers Dive Center
Get one dive package that can be used in all our Sea Explorers Dive Centers
Go diving during our boat transfers (between Alona Beach and Cabilao)*
**Alona Vida, Pura Vida Cabilao (CBC), Pura Vida, Buena Vida, Blanco Resort, and Ocean Vida
Contact one place and get diving, accommodation and transfers arranged
Agoda and Sea Explorers** – we offer the same accommodation prices – but more service
*feasibility depends on weather and water conditions, boat availability and a minimum of 2 person required
** Alona Vida, Pura Vida Cabilao (CBC), Pura Vida and Ocean Vida
Sea Explorers Island Hopping Map

Island Hopping Philippines

With Sea Explorers Philippines Island Hopping, you can combine 4 of the most famous dive destinations of the Philippines in one vacation. Choose between Alona Beach with its popular Balicasag Island, get to discover the tiny pygmy sea horses around Cabilao, Dauin with its world famous muck diving or Malapascua with the elegant Thresher Sharks.No need to decide ahead how many dives you want to do at each Sea Explorers Dive Center. Get one dive package and decide on the spot how many dives to do at each destination.

To cover the request of our guests who value our speedy and multilingual service of our Cebu Office and giving you a wider range of destinations, we now also offer additional destinations. We work with selected partner dive centers and their connected resorts which provide similar quality and safety standards like our own dive centers. Check further locations under More Locations