Stronger together during this crisis

We hope that you and your loved ones are in good health, which is an absolute priority during these turbulent times. We want to share with you how we, at Sea Explorers, dealt with this crisis, and how we will deal with it moving forward.

We’re making use of this downtime to be productive. We’ve deep-cleaned and sanitized all dive equipment, done maintenance work on our boat fleet and jeepneys, and made improvements to our operation overall. This pandemic will end at some point, and when it does, we want nothing more than for the world to travel, explore and dive again.

Health Protocols for Diving

From the Department of Tourism (PH)

Employee Management
Reservation & Booking
Facility-Related Policies
Diver-Specific Policies
Dive Center/Shop Operations A B
Boat Diving A B C
Emergency Response & Medical Clearances A B
Conduct of Dive Courses and/or Trainings A B
Dive Center/Shop Operations


NEW Booking & Diving Guidelines

We’ve added more flexibility to our booking policies and diving guidelines.

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Adventures in Diving

Re-Opening Special

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Family first: Taking care of our own

Our 110 employees are the backbone of our entire operation. We have a moral obligation to each and every one of them — as the salaries they receive, feed entire
families. We are doing our best to keep them afloat by assuring them that their jobs are safe, albeit their work hours will be reduced. This pandemic delivered the most severe financial blow that Sea Explorers has ever experienced. We’re struggling to keep afloat with empty rooms and no diving guests.

Many of you have asked how you can help, so we have started a fundraiser. As shareholders, we have wholeheartedly contributed to it from our personal funds. We
invite you to contribute as well, if you can. When you buy a few dives, you will support a few lives.

In mid-April, the first batch of emergency aid was distributed to all Sea Explorers employees directly by the company. At the beginning of June, we distributed a second batch, this time from the fundraiser. The third batch was distributed on July 1st. We will continue to share updates on our progress and how the funds we have collected are being disbursed to the team.

Thank you for your generosity.