kalanggaman island drone shot

The island gained more and more attention after 2013 when a big cruise ship stopped there to let its guest relax under the palm trees for a few hours.

There’s no resort on Kalanggaman Island but to provide some comfort for its visitors the local government built some basic facilities and assures safety by tourist policemen which are stationed on the island.

It is a perfect getaway for a just a day or a couple of days of camping. The snorkeling as well as the diving is beautiful and enjoyable in the calm waters around Kalanggaman Island. Therefore Sea Explorers Dive Center in Malapascua as well as other dive shops are regularly offering diving and snorkeling trips to Calanggaman. Occasionally overnight stays in tents or hammocks are also being offered.

Since there’s no water or restaurants on the island be sure you bring your own supplies. You might have the possibility to buy some fresh fish caught by local fisherman which can be barbequed in one of the several grilling stations on the island.

Scuba divers can look forward to beautiful wall diving with abundance of soft and hard corals as well as well as a big variety of fish. Whale shark and also thresher shark encounters have been made here.

Geographical Data of Kalanggaman Island:

N 11° 7’3.96
E 124° 15’ 1.89”
Distance from Mainland: ~15,90 km
Length: ~753 m
Average width: ~71,8m
Total Area: ~5.4ha

Kalanggaman Island is one of the most beautiful islands in the Visayas sea in the Philippines. It is a perfect site to dive, snorkel around the island, and taste the delicious barbecue.

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