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What is Bubblemaker?

Scuba diving is not just for adults to enjoy  but for kids as well. Children from 8 years old and above can experience how it is to dive through Bubblemaker, scuba diving for kids, wherein no pre-training is required. It is one of PADI’s dive courses intended for kids. In a pool less than six feet of water, children can already experience scuba diving. It is without doubt fun, easy, and safe.

Your kids do not have to be very good swimmers. They only need to be comfortable underwater. It is not only available in pools but also within confined open water at a maximum of 6 feet deep. Basic scuba gears are made for kids’ sizes and stature. A typical session normally lasts about an hour, which already includes sign up and gear up. More often, kids end up appreciating and developing interest in scuba diving at a very early age. The earlier they start, the better they become the soonest.

What kids can learn from Bubble Maker – Scuba diving for Kids:

  • Experience what scuba diving is much like with immediate care and supervision of PADI instructors
  • Take their very first breath under the water
  • Learn to appreciate and love scuba diving at very young age
  • Learn and use scuba diving equipment designed for children

To set up a Bubblemaker experience today, contact Sea Explorers.  Your kids get Bubblemaker crew pack which includes kid-sized towel, temporary tattoo emblem, log book, certificate, and the popular Bubblemaker action figure. It is perfect for birthday parties with friends and families and for whatever occasion you might have.

For kids who are 10-14 years old, they can take the Junior PADI Open Water Diver course. They can also pursue other advanced courses for kids. View more PADi courses here: PADI Dive Courses

What are you waiting for? Enroll your kids now, and enjoy how they will share the same interest as yours. Dive with a smile with your kids at Sea Explorers Philippines.