Digital Underwater Photography

Diving in itself is very fulfilling, but when you to learn how to take photos underwater, you will be able to reminisce well all the beautiful creatures and sights you see during your dive. You will be able to show your family and friends the wonders of the underwater world. PADI Digital Underwater Photography Course […]


NEWSLETTER 2nd Quarter 2016

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PADI Dive Master Course

Take diving to a higher and a more professional level by taking the PADI Dive Master course. The PADI Dive Master course will hone your diving skills further and help you become a better, more confident diver. You can work as a DM or dive master after completing the dive master certification. What is PADI […]

Krzysztof Wnorowski Group

The Krzysztof Wnorowski Group

Krzysztof Wnorowski group in Alona Beach beach before they are heading out to Dauin.

PADI Scuba Review

Are you a certified diver but have not gone diving for quite some time and need to be refreshed of your diving skills? Do you want to update your knowledge and skills so you can be more confident when you go diving? Then maybe you need to take a Scuba Review Course. What is PADI […]

PADI Technical Diving Courses

If you want to go greater depths; if you want to discover more of underwater’s beauty; and if you want to experience more thrill and adventure in diving, tech diving, tek diving, or technical diving could be the right course for you. What is PADI Technical Diving Otherwise known as PADI Tecrec, the technical diving […]

PADI IDC Dauin Negros

PADI IDC at Sea Explorers Dauin

The PADI IDC in Dauin last May 2016 was very successful. 3 Candidates managed to pass the Instructor Examination with ease. View short clip of the IDC in Dauin.

Ford Mustang Artificial Reef Pura Vida Housereef Dauin

Memories of a Mustang

A short clip of our Ford Mustang artificial reef located at the Pura Vida Housereef in Dauin. This car was sank in 2012 and is now home to different fish and corals. Watch video!

Aquasport Safari April May 2016

Aquasport Safari April/May 2016

Here is a sample of a Sea Explorers Safari. The Aquasport safari group started in Moalboal to see the sardines and Pescador island. After 4 days, the group transferred to Dauin including a short excursion to the Kawasan Waterfalls. Watch video!

kids sea camp sports diver

Kids Sea Camp Visiting Sea Explorers Malapascua, Cabilao and after going to Amun Ini

After cooperation with Sea Explorers, Amun Ini and DOT over the last year, Kids Sea Camp is now coming this July / August for the first time with a group to the Philippines. See photos!