Buena Vida Resort & Spa

Buena Vida Resort & Spa

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Buena Vida Resort & Spa

Buena Vida Resort & Spa is located on the small island of Malapascua, northern Cebu. The resort hides quietly in a gorgeous tropical garden behind the busy beachfront. There are 12 beautifully designed Deluxe Garden rooms with a spacious wooden terrace including a hammock and garden view. And whether it’s time for diving, or a scenic sunset walk by the white sandy beach, the Sea Explorers dive center and Ocean Vida Beach Resort are only a 5 minutes walk away through an easy access. The resort also features a 24-hours reception and free Wi-Fi.

Buena Vida Garden Rooms

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  • Buena Vida Garden Rooms Porch

Deluxe Garden Rooms

There are 8 garden rooms located on the backside of the property all joint together in a 2 story native style building. Warm water shower, air condition and ceiling fan, safety box, minibar, hairdryer, and complimentary coffee and tea in the rooms are provided. Every room also has a private bathroom with hot & cold shower. The large private terrace with hammock offer great relaxation with a beautiful garden view.

Buena Vida Family Rooms

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Family Rooms

Fronting the garden rooms are the 2 family rooms in a single native style building. The rooms have the same size and amenities as the garden rooms, but have an optional additional smaller room with access from the bedroom. The family rooms can be occupied with up to 3 persons.

Buena Vida Malapascua Bistro

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The resort also features a bistro located near the entrance, which offers a nutritious and healthy breakfast ranging from delicious fruit shakes to fresh garden-salads and other enjoyable and nourishing meals.

Buena Vida Malapascua Spa

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Vida Spa

An expansive 450 sqm spa is the heart of the resort. The Vida Spa offers different kinds of massage techniques and rejuvenating treatments from all over the world. It is an excellent retreat whether you just came back from a dive or just spent the day on the island. Plus if you want some additional treats, Vida Spa also has a professional pedicure and manicure service.

Spa Treatment Brochure

Vida Fit Gym & Fitness Center Malapascua

Vida Fit Gym & Fitness Center

For those who want to plan to do more exercise in Malapascua, Buena Vida now also features a gym & fitness center. Vida Fit is equipped with treadmills for cardio exercises, as well as heavy machinery for bodybuilding. Don’t forget to bring your running shoes.