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Sea Explorers Island Combo

  • Are you having a difficult time choosing which island hopping destination for your scuba diving holiday in the Philippines?
  • Are you frustrated by contacting numerous resorts and dive centers to make your island hopping arrangements?
  • Are you worried about how you will get from one destination to another?


Sea Explorers’ Cebu Office – Island Combo

Allow our Cebu Communications Team to arrange your island hopping destinations for you. We welcome you and will take care of you from the moment you land in Cebu at the International Airport until your return home

Enjoy scuba diving with Sea Explorers’ PADI 5-star Dive Centers at any of our 3 destinations :

  • Dauin
  • Malapascua – 5-star CDC (Career Development Center)
  • Sipalay

One scuba diving package can be used at all 3 island hopping destinations. You can visit one or customize any combination of the three.

Enjoy a variety of diving experiences and explore the Philippines through island hopping with Sea Explorers Philippines.

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Cabilao Underwater


Sea Explorers’ Island Combo Philippines

By taking advantage of our Sea Explorers Island Combo for your island hopping experience, you can combine 3 amazing scuba diving destinations in one holiday. Dauin is famous for its world-class muck diving and Apo Island. Malapascua is known for consistent encounters with the rare and elusive Thresher Sharks. Sipalay is our newest scuba diving destination and offers new dive sites to explore.

Visit one or multiple* destinations in one unforgettable holiday

Our multilingual travel consultants will arrange it for you. Get one dive package and use it at all of our Sea Explorers Dive Centers.

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*Dependent on weather/ water conditions

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