Why I Love Scuba Diving

Today’s blog is all about why I love scuba diving. The moment I took my first breath underwater, I knew my whole life had changed & the more I dive, the more I seem to love scuba diving.

I love the anticipation at the beginning of every dive. As I begin to drop below the surface of the water, the only thing I know for sure that is awaiting me is adventure. Every dive is different – EVERY DIVE. You could be diving the same spot, on the same dive site, 500 times & each one would be different. There could be different animals present, or the same animals exhibiting different behaviors. The currents can change creating a mild drift or a ripping ride. The light breaking the waves on the surface can turn yesterday’s drab looking swim over a patch of reef into today’s stunning kaleidoscope of colors.

I love the silence. At no time in my life can I recall getting to spend a totally silent & undisturbed hour with only my own breathing breaking the silence. No cell phones, no TV, no traffic noise, no one talking to you (or at you), & none of the endless cacophony of sounds that makes up our daily routine. Diving is one of the most peaceful & spiritual activities I have ever done, but it is also one of the most exciting.

I love the adventure. I love swimming with a whale shark so huge, it dwarfs a city bus. I love looking into the eyes of a sea turtle & seeing them look back at you. I love stalking the reef or the sand looking for creatures so bizarre they would seem to be aliens from another planet taking their vacation under our seas. I love seeing a sunken shipwreck, a giant Manta Ray, a microscopic pygmy seahorse, or a pod of dolphins racing by as I smile in disbelief.

I love sharing it. Whether it is taking a new student for their first experience into the underwater world or sharing a beer at the pool bar with seasoned divers discussing all we saw that day & all we hope to see in the dives to come one of the best things about diving is sharing it with other divers. We all have a love of the sea & this amazing underwater world we are so privileged to visit, it is easy to make new friends that become lifelong compatriots, connected by this incredible sport that allows to share a unique & magical experience.

So come & share all the wonderful things that comprise scuba diving in the Philippines; come & share in my adventures. Or let me know why you love scuba diving!

On behalf of myself & everyone here at Sea Explorers Philippines; we hope to see you soon. Remember, always “Dive with a smile!”


Tim Bradley is the on staff PADI Course Director for the Sea Explorers in Dauin & Dumaguete. In addition to conducting IDCs in the Philippines, Tim is an avid underwater photographer & strong supporter of Shark Awareness.