Haiyan – 1 year later – Sea Vida Village

One year ago we started our approach towards you with the following phrase:

Dear Friends, Partners, Guests and future Guests,
Please support us in helping those in need

You, your family, friends and many more have responded immediately. You placed your full trust in us with your generous support. Through Facebook we tried to keep you informed about the progress of the project. We started with giving out food, water, medicine and rebuilding homes.

November 8, 2014, exactly one year later, we are a big step further. 34 Families have received a new home in the new Village ‘Sea Vida’ as named by its residents. The village became reality and fully alive with its grateful and appreciating residents.Each house is equipped with its own small veranda, toilet connected to a general septic tank.

Children are happily playing the shade of the roofs of their new homes. Laughter coming out of houses is filling the air accompanied by music here and there. Also some roosters have found a new home and are competing in who’s crowing the most impressive every morning. Small colorful gardens are being set up around the houses and make the village a truly charming place.

One year ago it was an empty piece of land which has been transferred through your support into a place of life and happiness.

It was the wish of the families living in the village to have a Fiesta “celebration” every year on November 8 to remember the story of this place you have created.

The village celebrated its official inauguration party this November 8th. We had the honor of having the Swiss Ambassador Ivo Sieber present for this event. Knowing about the project and the event he decided travelling solely for this occasion from Manila to Malapascua which made everybody very proud.

We hereby want to express how grateful we all are and how much we appreciate what you have done to help the victims of this devastating catastrophe. With combined efforts this amazing project was made possible and all residents of Sea Vida as well as all the Ocean Vida and Sea Explorers Staffsay: ‘THANK YOU DEAR FRIENDS’

We all wish that one day you will visit us in Malapascua and in Sea Vida. You will always be very welcome!

Sea Vida Village – Official Inauguration Party

Messages From Sea Vida Villagers