thresher shark shot by dayday tong

Wonderpus Octopus and Thresher Shark Photo Shots by Dayday Tong

Wonderpus Octopus and Thresher Shark photo shots by Dayday Tong. They look really cool, especially the thresher shark from top view.

Awesome Tresher Shark Shot by Soren

Awesome Thresher Shark Shot by Soren

Would you like to see an awesome Thresher shark shot? Check out Soren’s awesome thresher shark in Malapascua.

octopus in the mirror at Bonet's corner

Cool Octopus in the Mirror at Bonet’s Corner

Would you like to see one of the coolest octopus underwater? See a photo shot by Gittan Noren at Bonet’s Corner in Dauin. Octopus also look good in the mirror? Would you agree. Really cool! If you want to see more cool sea creatures, visit the dive sites in Dauin Dumaguete in Cebu Philippines, a […]

Pygmy seahorse (color variation)

Marvel at the Fascinating Seahorse

Wondered what a seahorse is and how it got its name? A horse sea creature it may seem but it’s a fish. Learn about this fish and its remarkable life.

Scientist Discovers a New Species of Killer Whale

New type and new species of killer whales is discovered in New Zealand. Scientist validates it’s indeed new.

Do Marine Mammals Breathe Underwater

Do Marine mammals breathe underwater? What do you think? BBC news shares scientists discovery about how marine mammals stay underwater to up to an hour.

Mantis Shrimp

Close Encounter with the Mantis Shrimp in Cabilao Philippines

Is getting a closer look to a mantis shrimp during a diving getaway something that challenges you? Then, get to know some interesting facts about this sea critter to prepare you for your plunge into the depths.

World’s Rarest Whales: Spade-toothed Beaked Whales

Have you seen the world’s rarest whales? Discover this type of whales washed up on beach in New Zealand.

Research about Thresher Sharks in Malapascua

What comes into your mind when you hear Malapascua island? Know more about the project which aims to study thresher sharks with the resident cleaning fish.

Sea Creatures Pictures in Malapascua

Would you like so see images of sea creatures in Malapascua Island Philippines? Check out the photo shots of critters in Malapascua taken by Luke Nicholls.