sea turtle by sea explorers philippines

Sea Turtles Role in Ecosystem

Do you know that sea turtles have a significant role in the ecosystem? Know what they are and how climate change and coastal development threaten them.

Divers Rescue Wounded Shark

Divers Rescue Wounded Shark? Watch a short video of divers saving a stabbed tiger shark. What do you think about the video? Would you do the same?

Tubbataha Reef Estimated Damage

Do you know how much damage the salvage operation caused to Tubbataha reefs? Watch the short video of the news. How could it be avoided in the future?

Rescuers Unable to Save Stranded Whale

Did you hear about the whale that got stranded in Ralph Bay? Know what happened, and the remedy rescuers did. What do you think would have saved the whale?

Loggerhead Turtle Swims with Artificial Flippers

Do sea turtles also get prosthetics? See a picture of a Loggerhead turtle that recently swims with the help of artifical flippers. Know what happened it.

Largest Captive Crocodile in the World Died

Do you know the world’s largest captive crocodile? Know its name and where it could be found. Unfortunately, it died days ago. Know more about it.

Controversial Finning of Sharks and the Ecosystem

What do you think about banning the sale of shark fins sale in restaurants and shops? Know more about the controversial practice of fishing and ecosystem.

Killing Pregnant Whales Is Unacceptable

Did you hear that one third of 266 whales killed last year were pregnant? Different groups work together to prevent killing of whales.

Nakai of SeaWorld Back to Perform

Did you hear about the injured killer whale of SeaWorld, which is back to perform? Know more how it was injured and its current status.

Coral Reefs Declining in the Caribbean

Is it true that coral reefs in the Caribbean are declining dramatically? Know what scientists and bioligist have to say about its current situation.