Residents in Bohol Thrive to Save the Dying Sea Turtle

Did you hear about the sea turtle in Panglao, Bohol, Philippines, that died eventually after it was rescued? The Bohol Standard reports how residents in Bohol work hand in hand and did their best to save the endangered sea turtle. However, the turtle still died as it was already too weak to survive. Even the provincial Veterinarian contributed to saving the turtle through antibiotics but it didn’t save it still. Residents also did some preventive measures just so it could survive, and kept it away from some fishermen who might take advantage of it for food. However, something should be done to prevent more death of sea turtles and other sea creatures. There was no signs of attack, like wounds, which might be the cause of its death. What do you think caused the sea turtle’s death in Panglao Bohol, Philippines? How could we protect sea turtles and help save more.