Davidson Family – Completed Discover Scuba Diving in Dauin – August 13 2017

Great time with the Davidson Family who completed their Discover Scuba Diving in Sea Explorers Dauin! Dive with a smile

Group Picture – Kids Sea Camp Visits Dauin and Cabilao – August 11 2017

Final group picture with the Kids Sea Camp! Thank you for visiting us in Sea Explorers Dauin and Cabilao. Thank you to everyone who made this a big success! Dive with a smile!

Jason’s Group Visits Sea Explorers Malapascua – August 3 2017

Jason’s group together with Guide Vanessa. Thank you for visiting us in here at Sea Explorers Malapascua! Dive with a smile!

Sylvia and Oliver – On Their 150th Dive – August 1 2017

Congratulations to Sylvia and Oliver on their 150th dive together with Guide Arnil. So Amazing! Dive with smile!

Conny Jepson Visits Sea Explorers Dauin – July 31 2017

PADI Regional Manager Conny Jepson visits Sea Explorers Dauin and goes to dive with a smile with Chris Heim. It’s a great pleasure!

Sydney Dive Safari Visits Sea Explorers Dauin and Cabilao – July 29 2017

A big thank you to Sydney Dive Safari for their visit of Sea Explorers Dauin and Cabilao. It was a great pleasure having guests from Sydney with us.

Aquavit Dive Group from Japan Visits Sea Explorers Malapascua – July 28 2017

Aquavit Dive group from Japan with Guide Arnil, Lydio, Manager Keith. Thanks for visiting Sea Explorers Malapascua! Dive with smile!

Kids Sea Camp Visits Sea Explorers Dauin – July 25 2017

Kids Sea Camp on the way to Dumaguete and in full swing at Sea Explorers Dauin. Dive with smile kids. Happy kiddos!

Wiggsy’s Dive Adventures Visits Sea Explorers Cabilao – July 9 2017

Wiggsy’s Dive Adventures with a warm welcome at the Airport. We wish you some awesome dives at Sea Explorers Cabilao. Dive with smile! Welcome!

Haleigh, Kelly, Jessica, Graciela -Newly Cerfitified AOWC Students – June 22 2017

Newly Cerfitified AOWC Students, Haleigh, Kelly, Jessica, Graciela with Instructor Tongi. Congratulations! Dive with smile!