PADI Seal Team Course

There is no better way for the kids to learn about the underwater world of diving than by enrolling them in the PADI Seal Team Course.  This course is done using fun underwater pool activities or AquaMissions that will not only develop the kids’ diving skills, but will also make sure they will have enjoy under the water and meet new friends.

PADI Seal Team Course Requisites

To enroll in the PADI Seal Team Diving Course, the kids must be at least 8 years old.  No prior diving experience is required for them to join the program, but there must be parental consent.  The kids must also be comfortable in the water in order to join the class.

PADI Seal Team Course

The Seal Team course can be completed in two parts.  The first part composes of 5 AquaMissions that cover the basic scuba diving skills.  These include the following:

  • breathing underwater,
  • floating effortlessly (buoyancy),
  • clearing one’s mask with water, and
  • recovering a regulator.

These activities take about an hour per session.    Once these activities are successfully completed, the kids are now considered as PADI Seal Team Members.  This program may also soon count toward the kids’ PADI Open Water Diver Course.

On the second part of the training, 10 specialty AquaMissions shall be completed for the kids to be considered as PADI Master Seal Team Members.  The AquaMissions in the course may include the following fun pool dives:

  • wreck diving,
  • creature identification,
  • search and recovery diving,
  • underwater photography,
  • skin diving, and
  • environmental awareness.

This course is usually conducted in small groups to ensure safe and fun dive activities for kids.

PADI Seal Team Course Equipment

The Scuba gear required for this course includes a mask, snorkel, fins, dive gauges, tank, and buoyancy control device. Once you have registered your kid, you may ask the PADI instructor for any additional scuba equipment needed and advice on how you and your child can probably prepare for the program.  After the registration, you will also be provided with a crew pack that includes a manual, activity book, log book, and video on DVD.

PADI Seal Team Diving Course Benefits

This course offers a very enriching experience to kids.  It helps children develop the basic diving skills.  It trains them to be responsible divers and it also educates them about the aquatic environment.  This pool-only program ensures safe and fun sessions to kids.  It is conducted only by trained and certified PADI professionals.

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