PADI Rescue Diver Course

You never know when an emergency will take place during a dive. When problems arise, having taken the PADI rescue diver course will come in handy. This dive rescue training will allow you to confidently avoid and handle different problems and emergencies while diving.

The PADI rescue diving course may be one of the most difficult and challenging diving courses, but it is definitely one of the most fulfilling, too. While the training to be a rescue diver requires focus and serious attention, it is also fun and rewarding.

Rescue diver course requirements

If you wish to enroll in the rescue diver course, you must have the following prerequisites:

  • At least 12 years of age with PADI Adventure diving certification and have completed the Underwater Navigation Adventure Dive
  • With CPR and First Aid certification within the last 2 years. This training may also be available during your rescue diving course.
  • In good health.

Rescue diving course scope and stages

The PADI rescue course includes important scuba rescue topics, such as rescuing oneself, saving panicked divers, rescuing unresponsive divers, perceiving diver stress, equipment problems, accident management, missing diver procedures, and other diving emergencies.

The rescue diver training is composed of the following stages:

  • Knowledge development – This stage involves either classroom or interactive online theory lessons that will help you understand the basic principles and learn the skills involved in performing a rescue. There are also quizzes and exams you need to take before moving on to the next stage.
  • Confined Water Dives – This phase involves rescue exercises in confined waters to develop your newly learned rescue skills.
  • Open Water Dives – The final stage to becoming a rescue scuba diver is doing open water dives to apply your developed skills in realistic scenarios

Rescue diver course cost and duration

Our PADI rescue diver cost is PhP19,840 and only PhP18,400 for the course if you choose to get an online manual. It takes three to four days to complete the rescue diver training.

We also offer Emergency First Response (EFR) course, which is a prerequisite to taking the rescue diver certification. This may be completed in one day for Php7,190.

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