PADI Drift Diver Course

If you want to experience the ultimate adventure in diving, enroll in PADI drift diver course.  This course teaches you how to let the ocean and river currents bring you along safely on your dive, instead of fighting the currents.  It is nothing like your usual dive.  With the drift diver course, you can experience effortless swimming along with rush and excitement in one dive.

Course description

The PADI Drift Diver Course consists of a manual, sessions on knowledge development, and open water dives.  It typically takes only one day to complete the course.

The drift diver course covers the following topics:

  • Preparation/planning, organization, techniques/procedures, as well as the difficulties and hazards of drift diving
  • Introduction to equipment used in drift diving
  • Overview of aquatic currents, including the causes and effects of the currents
  • Buoyancy control, navigation, and communication during drift drives
  • Techniques for staying close to a companion or a group during your drift dive.

PADI Drift Diver Course Prerequisites

To be able to enroll in the PADI’s drift diver course, you have to comply with the following requirements:

Benefits of drift diver course

Enrolling in PADI drift diver course takes diving to a whole new level.  Letting your body relax and letting the ocean currents take you on your dive will bring a lot of excitement and at the same time some tranquility.  While you may not be able to study the creatures and some sights closely, you will definitely be able to cover a big diving area with minimal effort.

The drift diver course may also be credited as an Adventure Dive required in the Advanced Open Water Diver Certification.

Drift diving destinations in the Philippines

After you have been certified in drift diving,  here are some of the drift diving destinations you can visit in the Philippines:

  • The Canyons, Puerto Galera, Mindoro
  • Verde Island off Batangas
  • Manta Bowl, Ticao Pass in Masbate
  • Tubbataha Reef in Palawan
  • Apo Island off Negros Oriental
  • Mactan island, Cebu


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