PADI Dive Against Debris Specialty Course

Do you want to make a difference while diving?  Diving is not just a hobby you can enjoy but also something that will help you make a difference.  The PADI Dive Against Debris Specialty Course can get you started by training you to take part in Project AWARE’s Dive Against Debris® and help make the oceans safer for marine life.

Project AWARE’s Dive Against Debris®

The Project Aware Foundation is a registered non-profit organization of ocean adventurers that hope to preserve and protect the marine ecosystem. Their Dive Against the Debris® program aims to alleviate ocean pollution by debris removal and reporting.  Marine debris includes all the trash that have been discarded by humans in the seas and oceans, such as plastics, fish nets, and aluminum cans, among others.

Dive Against Debris Specialty Course

Through knowledge development and an actual dive, the PADI Dive Against Debris Specialty Course will train you to complete Dive Against Debris surveys, as well as remove trash from the dive sites.  You will specifically learn about the following during the classroom session:

  • Marine debris – damage it has done, what it is, where it comes from, how divers can be part of the solution;
  • Establishing Dive Against Debris® survey – survey frequency, sites, profiles, and equipment;
  • Knowing what debris to remove and what to leave behind;
  • Using of photography for your survey;
  • Reporting your survey – reporting the debris you have removed to maximize the benefits of each survey; and
  • Joining the global Project AWARE movement of scuba divers protecting the marine ecosystem.

During your training dive, you will be doing a Dive Against Debris survey.  This will also include the actual removal of debris and the weighing, sorting, recording, disposing, and reporting your marine debris to Project AWARE.

PADI Dive Against Debris Specialty Course Requisites

To enroll in the PADI Dive Against Debris course, you have to be at least 12 years old with a PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver Certification. 

Dive Against Debris Course Equipment

Apart from your basic scuba gear, you may be required to bring other equipment, such as mesh bag, lift bag, gloves, and cutting tools (dive knife or scissors).  You may also ask your instructor if these materials shall be provided for during the training.

Benefits of PADI Dive Against Debris Course

By taking this specialty course, you will learn about the effects of the marine debris to the underwater life and people.  After this course, not only will you be able to do leisure dives in the future, but also do more Dive Against Debris® that would help preserve the health and beauty of our oceans. Wherever you go to dive, you can always make a difference by becoming a caretaker of the underwater world.

The dive of this specialty course may credit as an Adventure Dive for an Advanced open Water Diver certification.

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