PADI Advanced Freediver Instructor Course

If you are an experienced certified PADI freediver instructor or a freediver instructor from a different organization and you want to advance your rating, then the PADI Advanced Freediver Instructor is the right course for you. 

PADI Advanced Freediver Instructor Course

The PADI Advanced Freediver Instructor Course is the next step after the freediver instructor and before the master freediver instructor course (please see an overview of the PADI freediving courses below).   

In this certification course, you will:

  • apply your knowledge and develop your professional skills in advanced freediving
  • be trained and prepared to teach professional freediving to deeper distances of up to 30 meters or 99 feet
  • be prepared to comfortably and confidently teach advanced freediving in academics, confined water environment and open water environment

After completing the PADI Advanced Freediver Instructor training, you will then be certified to teach both basic Freediving and Advanced freediving to students. 

PADI Advanced Freediver Instructor Course Prerequisites

To enroll in the PADI Advanced Freediver Instructor, you must be a PADI freediver instructor with teaching experience or a freediver instructor from other organizations with teaching experience. 

If you are a certified PADI master freediver (or qualifying rating) who have certified at least 25 PADI freedivers (or 25 qualifying freediver certifications) and you continue to maintain  PADI Emergency First Response (EFR) Instructor rating, then you may apply to become a PADI Advance Freediver Instructor at your nearest PADI Regional Headquarters.

Just remember that if you hold a qualifying instructor rating, you need to attend a PADI Freediver Instructor Orientation.

PADI Freediving Courses

Here is a list of the PADI freediving courses and certifications that will show you how you can advance accordingly in freediving.

  1. Basic Freediving – this subset of PADI Freediving will teach you the basic freediving principles and will teach you breathhold techniques in a pool or confined water site.
  2. Freediving – involves knowledge development, confined water session, and open water session on freediving
  3. Advanced Freediver – a continuing course that helps refine and improve your freediving skills as you progress slowly while learning how your body performs while you suspend your breathing (apnea).
  4. Master Freediver – suitable for advanced freedivers who want to progress to elite freediving levels.
  5. Freediver Instructor – allows you to enjoy freediving as a profession
  6. Advanced Freediver Instructor – for experienced PADI freediver instructors (or equivalent) who would like to further their freediving profession.
  7. Master Freediver Instructor – a professional certification course for PADI advanced  freediver instructors (or equivalent) with experience and would like to advance to higher instructor rating.
  8. Freediver Instructor Trainer – for experienced PADI Master Freediver instructors who would like to train prospective PADI freediver instructors.  

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