PADI Adaptive Techniques Course

The PADI Adaptive Techniques Course aims to promote awareness of PADI professionals of the different diver abilities as well as the various adaptive teaching practices when dealing with divers with physical and mental challenges.  This is very useful when you get to train and dive with students who have disabilities but are eager to learn the different techniques in diving.

Why take the PADI Adaptive Techniques Specialty Course

PADI has been accepting students from different walks of life, even with disabilities, as long as the prerequisites are met.  Since PADI’s approach to training is student-centered, it is important to learn how to properly handle divers who have physical and mental challenges.  This is the fundamental purpose of the PADI Adaptive Techniques Course. 

This course will broaden your understanding that PADI diving or freediving courses or programs can be different and challenging to go through for people who have physical limitations and mental challenges.  Equipped with this knowledge in mind, as well as the techniques you will learn from this course, you will soon be able to properly train and handle students with disabilities with a renewed perspective.     

PADI Adaptive Techniques Course

The PADI Adaptive Techniques Specialty Course includes a knowledge development session, two skills development workshops (confined waters), and two open water workshops.  The PADI Adaptive Techniques course will particularly teach and train you with the following topics:

  • Awareness and mindfulness of individual considerations when acquainting diving or freediving to people with disabilities.
  • Exploration of different adaptive techniques that you can use while handling and diving with divers or freedivers with disabilities in PADI courses and programs.
  • Proper guidance and supervision of student divers, based on capabilities, toward completion and certification of PADI courses and programs.
  • Exploration of additional techniques that will motivate and inspire physically or mentally challenged student divers in their learning.

PADI Adaptive Techniques Course Prerequisites

You may enroll in the Adaptive Techniques Specialty Course if you meet the following conditions:

  • PADI Instructor
  • PADI Divemaster or PADI Master Freediver who have completed EFR Primary and Secondary Care course within 24 months upon registration. 

PADI Adaptive Techniques Course Equipment

For this course, you are going to need your basic scuba or freediving equipment as well as any other scuba gear that your instructor may require. 

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