Quality and Safety

1 to 4 Ratio

Our groups are arranged that each of our dive guides will not accompany more than four (*) guests per dive. Our guides are requested to hold a briefing before each dive in which they will inform you about the topography, the flora and fauna, currents, maximum depth and safety measures. After the dive, feel free to discuss your observations with your guide and ask questions.
At any time, let your guide know your preferences and wishes for the upcoming dives.

(* it could be a higher ratio on request and if one of the divers is a DM or Instructor)

Reasonable and Safe Limits

When it comes to diving time, we like to stay away from unnecessary restrictions as long as water, weather and transfer conditions allow it. We hold on to PADI suggested maximum limit of 40 meters – of course taking into account the diver’s certification level, experience and daily form.

What is on Board

Before every dive, boats are loaded with a set of spare equipment, safety equipment including 1st aid kit, stretcher, oxygen, VHF, cell phones.

All our staff has to take part in a yearly EFR and rescue training to provide the maximum possible safety.

What is Getting into my Mouth

After each rental, all our regulators are cleaned and desinfected before given to a new guest.
Our compressors follow a fixed schedule which implements a clear standard when the filters have to be exchanged to provide clean and dry air.

Quality and Maintenance

Each regulator is followed in maintenance according to a strict schedule. Our certified technicians are following the protocol of the different diving suppliers during their work to ensure you a maximum safety during your dives.
All tanks have to pass at least one yearly visual standard inspection and have to undergo every 5 years the requested hydro test. Tanks over 15 years of age are automatically replaced.
Our Sea Explorers own maintenance department is equipped with all necessary tools and machines to provide high standard quality maintenance for our equipment as well as for our guests’ equipment.