Fair Diving

Diving should not be limited to the beauty of the underwater world but should also include the wellbeing of the locals as well as your safety. When you pay for a dive, you should know what is included apart from diving.

Sea Explorers Philippines placed its standards for “Fair Diving” and assures to comply with all its obligations as mentioned below:

  • None of our employees are paid under the minimum salary requested by the government.
  • All our employees have access to the Social Security system of the country, all contributions are paid in time.
  • All other government requirements for health insurance and retirement are as well implemented.
  • 13th month incentive policy is implemented after the 1st month of effective work.
  • All official leaves (vacation, sick, emergency etc.) are effectively granted.

In addition to official benefits the company grants its employee with additional benefits:

  • We assist employees in the process of having loans from the government agencies.
  • We, as well, provide possibilities for personal loans from the company without interest.
  • Uniforms are provided for free and renewed every year.
  • All dive guides and instructors are insured for diving related accidents.
  • Basic diving equipment is provided for free to our dive guides and renewed regularly.

Your safety is a primary concern, don’t let only the luck be your buddy:

  • All our boats are equipped with 1st aid kit, oxygen, VHF and cell phones.
  • We favor small groups for your safety and as well for the protection of the environment.

When you go diving, remember that a dive center is not only a door to the underwater world but as well to the country you visit, be curious, don’t hesitate to ask question and go around in the community and please don’t buy souvenirs from the sea, handicraft have so much more benefits to the locals than a shark tooth.

Diving is fun, let’s make it that way for all of us, divers, diving staff, local community and as well….. underwater creatures !