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Sea Explorers Philippines is owned by Chris Heim, Rolf Muehlemann and Herve Jain. They keep hands-on in running the daily business. On their side are international and local teams of well experienced divers and travel experts.
In 1989, Chris Heim opened his first Sea Explorers Dive Center which is today, the famous Alona Beach in Panglao, Bohol. Exploring further the dive sites in the Visayas, was the opening of Sea Explorers Cabilao followed with further expansion of Dumaguete together with the partnership of Rolf Muehlemann. The next destination followed was the tropical Island of Malapascua. To be able offering our guest and agents the most convenient way to book the different dive centers at only one location, Sea Explorers Cebu Office was established in the year 2000. Last but not least after working for 8 years in Sea Explorers, Herve Jain joined the partnership of Sea Explorers.

Sea Explorers Philippines offers the ultimate diving experience in the Visayas. The latest expansion was in 2012, the opening of our 2nd dive center in Amorita Resort, Alona Beach.
Yet, expanding our package with the cooperation of high standard dive centers in the Philippines, we always seek to offer the best package for our guests.

Sea Explorers Dive Centers

The aim of Sea Explorers is to constantly improve the service of our operations also offering you, the unforgettable diving experience in the Philippines.

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Sea Explorers Team

We are proud of having an amazing team also behind the scene which represents the true face of Sea Explorers. Every day they are making sure that you will have the perfect dive experience with a true smile.
Inspired through our guest who was diving with a smile – one of our good friends invented our slogan “Dive with a smile”, lived by our staff day by day.