NEWSLETTER 2nd Quarter 2016

Alona Beach

New Manager

Mike Savelberg from Belgium is the new Manager at Alona Beach. He is looking forward to contribute his 10 year experience in Egypt to us. Mike is a passionate recreational diver as well as a Tec diver. Together with Tec guru Felix and our long time operations manager Malou, they will push further to meet the high expectations of our guests when it comes to fun and TEC diving as well as diving courses.

pura vida suite bungalow exterior

Spirit Boat in Alona

Alona Beach was in need of another boat and therefore received the Spirit boat from Dauin. The Spirit is able to take up to 12 divers for coastal dives as well as day trips to Balicasag and Pamilacan. This will increase the flexibility of our dive schedules and further improve the quality of our services in Alona Beach.


New Management

Our dive center manager in Cabilao, Uwe, decided to follow to pursue his passion with the culinary arts. He is now the chef cook of Pura Vida Cabilao but he will still be assisting us in the dive center when needed. We decided that our current employees Marilyn and Aking will be in charge of the dive center in Cabilao. With their long experience, they make a good team and they will without a doubt be able to handle an upgraded dive center with up to 40 divers in the high season. To all of them, we wish them all the best for their new chapter of their careers.



The Jumica is the latest addition to the Sea Explorers Dauin fleet. This large outrigger boat spent last year in dry dock for modifications and improvements. It can easily fit up to 16 divers and is equipped with all the safety features as the other boats. Perfectly suited for large groups, island hopping, safaris and day trips, this boat is another jewel of pride for the Sea Explorers fleet.

pura vida suite bungalow exterior
pura vida suite bungalow room

Artificial Reef Dauin

More than a thousand bottles will be the new home for small fish and critters at that the Pura Vida Dauin house reef. Our staff created these so called concrete bottle modules which are piled up to form a small pyramid. Up to 8 pyramids are being placed and with more to come. The creation of artificial reefs has proven to be very effective as it attracts small fish which in return attracts bigger fish.

pura vida suite bungalow exterior
pura vida suite bungalow room


Howard and Michele Hall visit Malapascua

Sea Explorers Malapascua was honored to host Howard and Michele Hall. Howard and Michele are natural history film producers specializing in marine wildlife and marine environmental films. Howard Hall, who also specializes in IMAX movie production, is known for his work on Under the Sea 3D (2009), Deep Sea (2006) and Island of the Sharks (1999).

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VIP Visit in Malapascua:

Sea Explorers Malapascua received a special visit from David Doubilet and his wife Jennifer Hayes who are famous underwater photographers /authors known primarily for their work published in National Geographic Magazine. They explored together the depths of Monad shoal to capture the beauty and elegance of the thresher sharks. Coincidentally they were in Malapascua when a large cargo ship ran around the Monad Shoal. They managed to dive the scene assess the damage on the reef.

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Successful IDC’s in Dauin & Malapascua

Another set of successful IDC’s has been completed. Four candidates in Malapascua and 3 candidates in Dauin successfully completed and passed the PADI instructor examination. The exam was conducted by PADI examiner Steve Selbach. We congratulate the newly certified instructors and we wish them all the best with their instructor career. Special thanks as well to our course directors Rubi Branch and Tim Bradley. For more information on becoming a PADI Instructor visit our GoPRO page

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pura vida suite bungalow room

Upcoming IDC schedules:

13. September– 27. September 2016,
26. November – 10. December 2016,

September 6 – 20 September 2016,
November 28 – December 12 2016,

Meet our Cebu Office Staff

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From left to right: Kevin, April, Dominique, Mabee (Communication), Timi (Admin & Transfers), Helen, Clarisse, Jeanette (Accounting), Pascale (General Manager), Rolf, Dennis (Maintenance)

Featured dive site: SANDINGAN SLOPE / CABILAO

Sandingan slope consists of a nice coral garden with sandy spots, sea grass and coral blocks. There’s big chance to see stargazers and different kind of nudibranchs, crabs and shrimps. The slope is slowly going down to -30 meters where turtles and often barracuda are spotted here. Many soft corals and elephant ear sponges provide excellent shelter for the green giant frogfish. It’s perfect for a morning dive when the sun is still rising.

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Featured Guest Photo: “The con-artist”

pura vida suite bungalow exterior

Photo by Michael Harris

Upcoming Trade Shows

Come visit us when you are in the aread. Grab the best deals for diving and accommodation at the following trade shops:

DRT Expo, Manila, Philippines, on September 9-11, 2016. Look for Bigs at the DOT Philippines booth

InterDive Friedrichshafen, Germany, on September 15-18, 2016. Look for Bigs at the DOT Philippines booth

DEMA Show, Las Vegas, USA on November 16-19, 2016. Look for Bigs or Pascale at the DOT Philippines booth

DRT Expo, Hong Kong, on December 9-11, 2016. Look for Tess

BOOT Messe, Düsseldorf, Germany, on January 21 to 29, 2016. Look for Bigs, Pascale

FESPO, Zürich, Switzerland, on January 26 to 29, 2016. Look for Pascale

FESPO, Zürich, Switzerland, on January 26 to 29, 2016. Look for Pascale