Objectif Atlantide

Objectif Atlantide in Cabilao – May 2018

Objectif Atlantide visited Cabilao to conduct the Underwater Cluedo where divers get to explore and learn more about the Philippine marine life. Dive with a smile!

Toyota Landcruiser Discovered

Toyota Landcruiser Discovered Near Cabilao – April 2018

The diving group encountered a bit of current so they decided to go. After entering unexplored territory, the group came across this amazing carwreck. It is believed to be a Toyota landcruiser . What a great find! Dive with a smile!

Successful IDC in Dauin

Successful IDC in Dauin – March 2018

Successful instructors during the March IDC in Dauin. Tobias and Jing successfully passed the PADI Instructor exam conducted by examiner Richard Evans. Special thanks to PADI Gold course director Tim Bradley. Dive with a smile!

Resouchess Group

Resouchess Group from France Visit Pura Vida Dauin – March 2018

The Resouchess group from France after 10 days of fantastic diving around Dauin, Apo, Oslob and Sumilon. Bon voyage and until next time. Dive with a smile!

Hans Vervaecke

Hans Vervaecke Visit Dauin and Alona – March 2018

Diving group Hans Vervaeke on their transfer day from Dauin to Alona. Island hopping at its finest. Dive with a smile!

Successful IDC in Malapascua

Successful IDC in Malapascua – February 2018

Congratulations to the 5 new PADI instructors after successfully passing the Instructor Examination in Malapascua. Special thanks to Platinum Course Director Rubi Branch and PADI Examiner Junya Kato. Dive with a smile!

Yu Hai Group

Yu Hai Group by Xpert Holidays from China Visit Sea Explorers Dauin – February 2018

Chinese Holiday was well spent by the Yu Hai Group here at Sea Explorers Dauin. Big thanks to Xpert Holiday! Dive with a smile!

Jean Pierre Bettin Group

Jean Pierre Bettin Group Visit Sea Explorers – February 2018

It was a pleasure to have Jean Pierre and his group going island hopping with sea explorers. Thanks for the visit! Dive with a smile!

DOT Director

DOT Director Visits Alona Beach – February 2018

Region 7 DOT Director Shalimar Tamada together with her staff Gloriece Do and Jaypee Ocullo visited our dive center and successfully completed the PADI Discover scuba diving course in Alona Beach. Congratulations! Dive with a smile!

Adelfas Dive

Adelfas Dive Number 5000 – February 2018

Dive guide Adelfa just completed her dive number 5000. Instead of going for a fun dive or guiding, she decided to make a difference and go for a clean-up dive! Congratulations. Dive with a smile!