Harrys Cup

Harrys Cup in Pura Vida – March 2018

We were honoured to have hosted the Harry’s cup photo competition here at Sea Explorers Dauin. Around 27 photographers and videographers joined. Dive with a smile!

PH Travel Group

PH Travel Group from Sweden Visit Pura Vida – February 2018

PH Travel group from Sweden and Norway after a great week of muck diving in Dauin. Special thanks to Per Lagerberg. Dive with a smile!

Pelle and Group

Pelle and Group from Sweden Visit Alona – March 2018

Swedish group led by Pelle visiting us in Alona Beach. Thank you very much for your visit! Dive with a smile!

Kammermann Safari

Kammermann Safari from Tauchsport Kaeser – April 2018

Another awesome safari from Tauchsport Kaeser. This one was led by Viktor Kammerman. The group of 9 divers started off in Cabilao. Thank you for the visit! Dive with a smile!

Maeschi Safari

Maeschi Safari with Sea Explorers – April 2018

The Maeschi Safari together with group leader Beat, Jr, and Joy. Here they are cooling off at the Pura Vida swimming pool in Dauin. Dive with a smile!

Rhinopias Discovered

Rhinopias Discovered in Dauin – April 2018

For the first time in Dauin divers have discovered a rhinopias crawling around the sandy slopes. Although it is still a juvenile, we hope it will stay here until it is fully grown. Dive with a smile!

Imax Cinematographer Howard Hall

Imax Cinematographer Howard Hall Visits Malapascua – April 2018

Imax cinematographer Howard Hall together with his wife Michele Hall visited us in Malapascua. This time they had more luck filming the thresher sharks. Dive with a smile!


Eco-Heroes Summer Camp 2018 – April 2018

The newest Eco-Heroes of Malapascua! Group of 25 kids completed a 1 week activity where they learned new things about the coastal community. Congratulations! you are the future of Malapascua. Dive with a smile!

IDC in Malapascua

Succesful IDC in Malapascua 5 New Instructors – April 2018

Congratulations to the 5 newly certified instructors in Malapascua! The Instructor Examination was conducted by Examiner veteran Richard Evans. Dive with a smile!