Sea Explorers Celebrating 30 Amazing Years

Sea Explorers Celebrating 30 Amazing Years. New batch of PADI IDCs and IEs in Dauin and Malapscua. Take a look what’s more inside!

Interdive Show


To all our German, Swiss, French friends come and visit us at the INTERDIVE show this Thursday 26th till Sunday 29th in Friedrichshafen. Meet Jan & Bigs at the Philippine booth #209



Stay informed of what’s happening here at Sea Explorers Dauin, Pura Vida Beach & Dive Resort, and Vida Homes Condo Resort. Check this out!

Harrys Cup

Harrys Cup in Pura Vida – March 2018

We were honoured to have hosted the Harry’s cup photo competition here at Sea Explorers Dauin. Around 27 photographers and videographers joined. Dive with a smile!

PH Travel Group

PH Travel Group from Sweden Visit Pura Vida – February 2018

PH Travel group from Sweden and Norway after a great week of muck diving in Dauin. Special thanks to Per Lagerberg. Dive with a smile!

Pelle and Group

Pelle and Group from Sweden Visit Alona – March 2018

Swedish group led by Pelle visiting us in Alona Beach. Thank you very much for your visit! Dive with a smile!

Kammermann Safari

Kammermann Safari from Tauchsport Kaeser – April 2018

Another awesome safari from Tauchsport Kaeser. This one was led by Viktor Kammerman. The group of 9 divers started off in Cabilao. Thank you for the visit! Dive with a smile!

Maeschi Safari

Maeschi Safari with Sea Explorers – April 2018

The Maeschi Safari together with group leader Beat, Jr, and Joy. Here they are cooling off at the Pura Vida swimming pool in Dauin. Dive with a smile!

Rhinopias Discovered

Rhinopias Discovered in Dauin – April 2018

For the first time in Dauin divers have discovered a rhinopias crawling around the sandy slopes. Although it is still a juvenile, we hope it will stay here until it is fully grown. Dive with a smile!