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Amun Ini Beach Resort

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Amun Ini Beach Resort

Amun Ini Beach Resort is located 90km northeast of Tagbilaran City, in the municipality of Anda, Bohol. The resort itself is concealed in a quiet tropical property with a breath-taking view at the ocean. The private white sand beach in front of the resort makes it the perfect location for a relaxing and unforgettable experience. Anda has become one of the great dive destinations around Bohol with beautiful drop offs, unique critters, and shallow coral reefs that both divers and snorkelers can enjoy.

Amun Ini Beach Resort - Superior Deluxe Room

  • Amun Ini Beach Resort - Wash Room
  • Amun Ini Beach Resort

Superior Deluxe Rooms

The resort consists of 16 air-conditioned deluxe rooms that are located in Amuni Ini’s two cogon thatched roof longhouses. Each room comes with a mini bar, flat screen TV, internet service, bathroom with hot/cold shower and a relaxing porch with an incredible view at the Bohol Sea.

Amun Ini Beach Resort - Restaurant

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At this corner of Bohol, an incredibly pleasant surprise awaits you…the food is heavenly. The cuisine at this resort restaurant is an eclectic narrative of their family’s personal culinary heritage and experiences. The chefs, Boe and Joshua, with their family held recipes, made use of ingredients grown locally and used classic culinary techniques to create a menu that is a hit. Guests have written reviews in Trip Advisor and raved about the food at Amun Ini.

Cabilao Beach Club

  • Amun Ini Beach Resort - Spa
  • Amun Ini Beach Resort - Spa
  • Amun Ini Beach Resort - Spa


The resorts Spa facility, also known as the “Hilotarium”, is based on the local massage and healing treatment called “hilot”. Hilot is combination of herbal therapy and body massage where different oil extracts from flowers, herbs and minerals are used. The spa is located on a rocky overhang where one can relax and revitalize while listening to the sounds of the ocean nearby.


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Getting there

From Cebu/Mactan International Airport to Cebu City Pier: 20-30 minutes by car
From Cebu City Pier to Tagbilaran Pier: 2 to 2.5 hours by fast ferry
From Cebu/Mactan Airport to Tagbilaran Airport: 30 minutes by airplane
From Tagbilaran Pier to AmunIni Beach Resort, Anda: 2 hours by car

Amun Ini Beach Resort Dive Boat

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Dive Center

The Dive Center is equipped with a large speedboat that can take you to all the nearby divesites within minutes. All dives are guided by experienced local guides who can show you amazing coral reefs and unique underwater marine life. Turtles, eels, frogfish are among the common creatures that you can see along the 14 kilometer long coastal line. Diving is a relatively new attraction in the area of Anda and there are still many dive spots to be discovered.