More Locations

Since 1989, Sea Explorers Philippines is offering its diving services to our valued guests. During all these years, we had the chance to learn about their wishes and requirements.

Based from these information and our own expectations towards our partners, Sea Explorers has selected different dive centers and resorts as partners all over the Philippines. A chance to expand our services to other destinations knowing they will treat you the same way as Sea Explorers does.

Who are our partners?

Our partner dive centers are run by persons we know personally. Places we would dive ourselves but more important, places that we know will offer a great all around service to our guests.

What is my advantage booking through Sea Explorers?

Sea Explorers is in the Philippines since 1989 and we know what we can expect from our partner resorts and dive centers.

You still can contact only at one place to book all Sea Explorers destinations and combine it with any of the other places. Our Cebu Office will handle your bookings all the same way, no matter if it is a Sea Explorers destination or one of our partners. Just send an email to [email][email protected][/email].