Free Project AWARE Shark Awareness specialty instructor course (Dauin)

Sharks play an incredibly important role in the marine ecosystem, but they are in critical danger from overfishing. Sea Explorers Dauin Course Director Tim Bradley feels passionately that the best way to help sharks is to educate divers about their beauty and importance. The Project AWARE Shark Awareness Specialty course does just this. So, to help spread this message to as many divers as possible, anyone taking the IDC & becoming an instructor at Sea Explorers Dauin in 2016 will get a free Project AWARE Shark Awareness Specialty Instructor course. Then they teach this great specialty to their own divers in the future & help keep sharks around for many future generations to enjoy.

(Course is free with IDC in Dauin, & the application fee paid to PADI for Shark Awareness Specialty Instructor is donated by PADI to Project AWARE)