Itinerary Sample 2

Day 1:    Transfer from Transfer from Cebu City/Airport to Malapascua
Day 2:    Diving around Malapascua
Day 3:    Diving around Malapascua, Early morning dive Monad Shoal, day trip Gato Island
Day 4:    Diving around Malapascua, day trip to Calanggaman Island
Day 5:    Transfer from Malapascua to Cabilao (not by safari boat, boat/car combination)
Day 6:    Diving around Cabilao
Day 7:    Diving around Cabilao
Day 8:    Land trip to the Chocolate Hills
Day 9:    Safari Cabilao – Balicasag IslandAlona Beach
Day 10:  Diving around Alona Beach – Pamilacan or Snake Island
Day 11:  Safari Alona Beach – BalicasagDauin
Day 12:  Diving around Dauin – Apo Island
Day 13:  Diving around Dauin
Day 14:  Transfer from Dauin to Cebu City/Airport

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