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Chocolate Hills in Bohol Philippines

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Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills are located in the center of Bohol, and can be reached form Alona Beach by a 2 hour ride by car or van. Despite their name, there are no chocolate plantations here. These hills are covered with grass and blossom with green pastures during the rainy season, and turn brown by the end of the dry season, hence their name. There are several theories as to how these hills are formed, but one thing is sure, the 1268 hills are not man made. There is an access on top of one hill where you can see the endless hill formations. Tours can be organized daily from Alona Beach and can be combined with a trip to the tarsier monkeys.

Dolphin watching at Alona Bohol Philippines

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Dolphin Watching

An amazing way to start your day: Dolphin watching during sunrise starting from Alona Beach. An impressive and unforgettable experience for everybody. Just ask our team in the Sea Explorers Dive Center Alona Vida or Amorita for further info.

tarsier in bohol


The Philippine tarsier holds the record for the smallest primate on earth. With about the size of an adult’s hand, these cute nocturnal monkeys cling on to small branches while they try to sleep. At night time they go hunt ing for little insects such as crickets. There is a preservation park located about 1 hour away by car or van from Alona Beach that protects several tarsiers and where you can see them close up. A trip can be organized daily from Alona Beach, also in combination with the Chocolate hills.