Dive Center Amorita

The dive center is located inside Amorita Resort at the east end of Alona beach. It is equipped with O2 equipment, first aid kit, fish book library. Souvenirs and retail diving accessories are also available inside.

Amorita Dive Center Check In

Dive Center Check In

The dive center is open daily from 8am to 7pm.
Check in is possible any time during office hours. Our staff will show you around, explain the dive center procedures, and help you get your dive equipment ready.The following documents are required for dive center registration: Diver Certificate, Logbook, Medical Certificate.

dive with a smile


  • Temperature: Water 26-30°C / Air 25-33°C
  • Up to 4 dives a day possible
  • Small groups, up to 4 divers per dive guide,
  • Up to 5 divers only if one diver is a DM or Instructor
  • Maximum depth up to 40m
  • Nitrox up to 32% (surcharge applies)
  • Sanctuary fees applicable (click for details)
Amorita Rental Equipment


  • Full rental equipment for 12 guests
  • 12 Liter aluminum tanks with DIN valves
  • Underwater Torches
  • Dive computers
Diving - Amorita


  • Day Trip to Balicasag, Doljo Sanctuary, Pamilacan & Snake Island
  • Night diving, wall diving
  • Tec Dives including Trimix (Trimix only available upon pre-booking)
  • Rebreather (fully support upon pre-booking)
  • Side Mount Diving
  • Dolphin Watching (no diving possible)
  • Click here for diving pricelist
Diving Courses in Amorita

Diving Courses

Sea Explorers Team in Amorita Dive Center

Our Team

  • Manager: Malou
  • Asst.Manager: Filip
  • Instructor; Felix,Erwin,Tonny, Filip
  • Office Staff: Geralyn
Speedboat Mototi - Amorita

Speedboat Mototi

  • Diver capacity: 8
  • O2 equipment and First aid Box
  • Spare dive equipment and Toolbox
  • Emergency communication
Sea Explorers Dive Boat - Spirit


  • Diver Capacity: 14
  • Complimentary drinking water, coffee and tea
  • O2 equipment and first aid box
  • Spare dive equipment and toolbox
  • Emergency communication
Dive Center Check Out

Dive Center Check Out

Our office staff will have your bill ready after you have finished your dives. Payment after you have reviewed the charges can be made either in cash (Euros, Swiss Francs, US dollars, Philippines Peso, Australian dollars or Yen) by credit card (VISA or Mastercard) or via Paypal (no Paypal account required). Only Sanctuary Fees have to be paid in cash.Please take note that the dive center bill is separate from the hotel bill.