Thresher Sharks Malapascua

Did you know that thresher sharks are abundant and famous in Malapascua? Indeed, they are. Thresher sharks are often seen at Monad Shoal at Malpascua. See a 47-second video of a thresher shark in Malapascua, filmed by Sven and Fabienne of Ocean Vida Beach and Dive Resort. Enjoy! Thresher Shark in Malapascua   Would you […]

Flamboyant Cuttlefishes Doing Tricks and Mating in Dauin Dumaguete

See some tricks and mating by Flamboyant Cuttlefishes in Dauin Dumaguete. Cool and fun video to watch. Enjoy!

Thresher Shark Dive in Monad Shoal

Cool thresher shark dIve video in Monad Shoal. Video was taken by 3 Hong kong divers – Tango, Nelson, and Jason. It looks like they really had fun scuba diving.