Tiny Secrets of a Huge Ocean Book Cover

A Special Cover for a Special Book

A special cover for a special book. This is how the book for the 25th Anniversary of Sea Explorers will present itself. A big “Thank you” to Steven Weinberg who spent 2 months in our dive centers. Read more!

Kainit Village

Kaanit – Your Village for Malapascua

See houses built in Kaanit Village in Malapascua. It was built after Malapascua was hit by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. Thank you for all your help and support!

Philippines independence day

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day (Araw ng Kalayaan) to the People of the Philippines! – From Sea Explorers Philippines Team!

blackwater diving with scott guty tuason

Blackwater Diving

Have you ever heard about “Blackwater Diving”? Me neither until I went this year to the ADEX Show in Singapore and met Scott “Gutsy” Tuason during his speech of these specific dives. Learn more about it. See sea creatures spotted. Have fun!

Boat Fluvial Parade in Malapascua

Big Boat Fluvial Parade in Malapascua

A big boat Fluvial parade is held in Malapascua Island every year during the Fiesta of the Virgin de los Desamparados to honor all the blessing they receive through the entire year. They also believe that the Virgin de los Desamparados protected everybody on Malapascua during the typhoon last year, it is still a miracle for everybody that nobody got injured or died.

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